Monday, October 18, 2010

Review of "Cliff Falls" a Novel by C.B.Shiepe

There aren't many books you can read in a sitting or two but this one by C.B. Shiepe falls into that category. It is a very well written novel about a famous childhood movie star known as little guy Mike. It all comes to a head for Clay Grant as the child actor gets fed up with his life. His manipulative handlers have gone too far and he can't play the game anymore. A thought came in Clay's mind and he wrote it down. "...scared children-all of us-dealing with adult things-wondering if we are that strong. And everyone wants us to be someone or something else...."

It was his 18th birthday and in his pain he burned some of the toys that depicted his persona "little guy Mike". Before he new it the whole studio was up in flames and he was running not only from the law but from his persona that had enveloped his life. While on the run he ends up in jail and a 71 year old pastor friend Reagon Mitchell bails him out. Reagon is like God in the parable of the prodigal son. He welcomes Clay into his fold with grace and a plan to set both Clay and his son Ted (think older brother) free. How this comes about makes for very entertaining reading and also very inspiring. Lots of relational issues with pain and deep hurts exposed. It's the power of grace working through relationships. A great read.

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